Versive is now a part of eSentire

Identifies the bad actors who’ve breached or accessed the network

Automatically understands and links the core activities adversaries can’t avoid

Finds the few threats that require immediate investigation

Continuous situational
awareness inside your network

Even the most disciplined organizations are no match against the world’s best trained and best funded adversaries. Hackers and other bad actors have the time and resources to successfully find an entry point into your network. VSE is the critical missing piece in a company’s security portfolio, providing continuous situational awareness inside your network. It acts as your last line of defense, detecting internal and external adversaries regardless of what new tools, tactics, or exploits they use.

Persistent threat

Insider threat




World class human intelligence automated by AI

VSE automatically exposes the activities that all adversaries must engage in to accomplish their mission: reconnaissance, collection, and exfiltration. This approach has been pioneered by Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, and we've automated and enhanced it with AI. Our machine-learning system modifies its understanding over time, continually evolving to keep pace with the changing adversary landscape and the evolving nature of your network.


Map campaigns
with ThreatCases ®

VSE automatically generates actionable maps of campaigns already unfolding inside your network. ThreatCases give your team the information they need to act quickly and stop adversaries before damage is done.

Achieve transparent
results, at scale

Built on the open source frameworks of Spark and Hadoop, VSE is a software-only solution that scales to fit the size of your environment and does not require any proprietary “black box” hardware. It utilizes data streams that the customer authorizes, controls, and retains.