Partnership: Versive and Cloudera

Versive and Cloudera have teamed up to bring you powerful big data and cybersecurity capabilities, based on open-source infrastructure that is scalable and flexible to keep you secure and future-proof.


The Value Of Cloudera

Cloudera provides enterprise-grade deployments of key big data technologies, allowing the Versive Security Engine (VSE) to get astounding results. Offerings from Cloudera include the following:

  • Apache® Spark™: For highly-reliable distributed computing required for massive data analysis
  • Apache Spot™: For open-data models tailored for the kind of machine-learning driven cybersecurity capabilities the Versive Platform provides.
  • Apache Hadoop®: For reliable, accessible, fast storage of all your most vital datasets.

The Value of Versive

The Versive Security Engine uses adaptive artificial intelligence (AI) on a variety of high-value data sets you are already collecting to enhance your cybersecurity capabilities and maximize the effectiveness of your existing security efforts.

  • Detect advanced adversaries using powerful AI
  • Amplify the capabilities of your SOC analysts to address urgent threats
  • Understand what is normal behavior versus what is suspicious in your environment
  • Prioritize threats to investigate; ignore meaningless noise
  • Innovate constantly, with frequent model updates and ongoing improvement opportunities as you add new data sources.

Beyond Cybersecurity: One Infrastructure, Many Uses

Cloudera and Versive are perfect together because both are adaptable to a wide range of use cases, even beyond cybersecurity. A data lake – built on Spark and Hadoop, deployed by Cloudera – can house and analyze data from anywhere in your business for information technology (IT), security, and business operations. The Versive Platform’s adaptive AI can be applied to a wide range of enterprise challenges.

Versive Security Engine Architecture for Finance, Cyber Security, Fraud Detection
Versive Security Engine Architecture, built on Apache Spark distributed compute layer

To learn more about the powerful joint solution of Versive and Cloudera, download our Partner Brief, or Get a Demo.