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The AI-driven Versive Security Engine lets you focus on exactly what matters with no noise.

Accelerate your threat response, amplify your SOC capabilities, and advance your business.

AI is the future of cybersecurity. We’d like to show you why. Request a demo and we’ll demonstrate how our scalable, flexible, software-only cybersecurity engine, driven by adaptive machine learning, finds advanced adversaries in your environment more effectively than any other solution.

Unify Your Data: The Versive Security Engine incorporates and integrates data from numerous sources across your environment, including flow data, DNS and router logs, and even your perimeter focused security solutions, assuring that you get all-seeing, ML-driven security throughout your entire organization, rather than siloed pinhole views that need to be manually correlated.

Stop Chasing False Alarms: The Versive Security Engine uses adaptive machine learning on a carefully chosen set of modeling targets to build and deliver our innovative Threat Cases, dossiers of related suspicious behaviors across time and hosts that provide a complete picture of threats unfolding in environment.

Map Threats to Real-World Context: The VSE contextualizes potential threats within the adversary campaign lifecycle, making it simpler to understand the progress and potential outcome of a given threat case, and easier to determine the best course of action to stop adversaries in their tracks.