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Versive CEO Joseph Polverari

The notion that change is the only constant in life is epitomized by the cybersecurity industry, where sophisticated adversaries evolve their attack methods so quickly that enterprise security professionals struggle to keep up. Legacy tools are insufficient and default to hair-trigger sensitivity, firing more (typically meaningless) alerts than organizations have the capacity to manage. Malicious actors accessing and operating invisibly inside corporate networks are among the most complex, machine-scale threats enterprises face today.

With more than 160 data compromises occurring each week [] and high-profile breaches rising as much as 50% per year [Lord Abbett], the problem is only getting worse. As an industry, we already operate at a deficit of more than 300,000 security analysts and related professionals—on its way to over one million [CSO]. The current status quo strongly favors attackers. Automation and artificial intelligence AI represent the only realistic way to restore the balance of power and equip cybersecurity professionals with the insight and context they need to detect and mitigate advanced adversary campaigns, before bad things happen.

Today, I am pleased to introduce the Versive Security Engine™ (VSE), an intelligent, automated threat-hunting solution, built on Versive’s award-winning, enterprise-scale artificial intelligence platform. The Versive Security Engine was developed specifically to help cybersecurity practitioners effectively harness the power of AI to detect, identify, and mitigate advanced adversaries in ways not previously possible.

Versive (previously called Context Relevant) is one of the leading privately-held artificial intelligence companies, ranked in the prestigious AI 100. The Versive Platform™ itself represents over five year’s worth of deep technology and adaptive decision science development and successful implementation across the Fortune 500.

The Versive Security Engine is the culmination of years of focused development on the Versive Platform in conjunction with cybersecurity luminaries, including former White House national security advisor, Richard Clarke, and renowned network security expert, Peiter “Mudge” Zatko. It represents the best in next generation, intelligent applications, blending advanced AI techniques with leading-edge practitioner methodologies to automate cyber threat hunting within the enterprise.

The Versive Security Engine is a software-only solution, easily deployed across an enterprise of virtually any size or scale. Versive automatically and transparently leverages your existing data and network assets to deliver detailed, traceable ThreatCases™ across the adversary campaign lifecycle, in context and without false positives, every time. For a cybersecurity professional, we think Versive is as close as you can get to playing offense.

At Versive, we are excited to begin this next chapter in our journey to make artificial intelligence indispensable in every enterprise. I hope that you will join us as we go, by following here on our blog and connecting with us on Twitter (@VersiveAI).

The Versive scientists and cyber experts will be at Interop ITX next week (May 15-19, 2017) in Las Vegas, NV at the MGM Grand. If you will be there, please stop by and see the Versive Security Engine in action at booth #432.

Last Updated: October 9, 2017

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