White Paper: AI Meets Mission-Focused Adversary Detection

This whitepaper by network security expert and white-hat hacker Peiter “Mudge” Zatko outlines his mission-focused approach to adversary detection and discusses how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and open-source technology to both automate and amplify it. The result is an AI-powered adversary detection system that enables every team to achieve expert results, at scale.

In the whitepaper, you will learn:

How current-gen security tools cause alert fatigue for understaffed and overwhelmed security teams, making it easier for adversaries to execute their missions.

Why modern adversary campaigns are so hard to detect, and how sophisticated Security Operations Center (SOC) teams are using a new approach to keep up.

How AI can augment every cybersecurity analyst’s experience and expertise to drive superior results for enterprise SOC teams.

The current situation requires a new approach that recognizes the considerable expertise required to find advanced adversaries successfully, and that leverages powerful new technologies (open-source infrastructure).