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AI Prepares for Security Spotlight

There’s a lot of talk about the budding application of AI in security. Its potential as a tool to assist analysts is growing, whether they need support refining threat volume, or need to build more advanced predictability or confidence into assessments. But it can also be a hindrance, is currently immature in the industry, and […]


Versive Advances AI-Driven Cyber-Security Engine With New Funding

Cyber-security vendor Versive announced on Aug.22 that it has raised $12.7 million in a new round of funding that will be used to help the company build out its go-to-market and technical efforts. Total funding to date for the company now stands at $54.7 million.

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AI Powering A New Generation of Cybersecurity Platforms

Organizations seeking new ways to meet the challenge of cybersecurity, protecting vulnerable online assets from attack, are looking towards a new generation of solutions incorporating artificial intelligence and building on strategic open source software projects. This week saw the strategic partnership of Versive, provider of AI-powered cybersecurity, with Cloudera, provider of a platform for machine […]

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What to know before buying AI-based cybersecurity tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are tools healthcare executives, technical staff and clinicians can use to enhance operations and improve healthcare. Artificial intelligence is when computers replicate something that humans do – real AI is when the results are as good or better than the best human results, said Dustin Rigg Hillard, vice […]

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The Future of Cybersecurity Needs Eyes, and AIs, on the Inside [PDF]

Network defenders and the cybersecurity industry need to shift focus from the edges and endpoints of their network to the inside of their network. Inside the network, IT and security data collection is often plentiful but underutilized. This rich data can be used to establish “network normal” behavior and serve as a foundation for the […]

The Competitive Landscape for Machine Intelligence

Three years ago, our venture capital firm began studying startups in artificial intelligence. AI felt misunderstood, burdened by expectations from science fiction, and so for the last two years we’ve tried to capture the most-important startups in the space in a one-page landscape.