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The Competitive Landscape for Machine Intelligence

Three years ago, our venture capital firm began studying startups in artificial intelligence. AI felt misunderstood, burdened by expectations from science fiction, and so for the last two years we’ve tried to capture the most-important startups in the space in a one-page landscape.

Open Data Models Accelerate Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

[Guest post by Versive CEO Joe Polverari] Cyber threats used to be something that humans could handle with the right tools, but today’s threats have grown too big, too fast, and too complex for existing solutions or methodology to handle. Cybersecurity has become a machine-scale problem, and the threats of the future will require a […]

Best of Interop ITX 2017 Winners Revealed

Versive is enabling enterprises to not only flag suspicious activity, but to create a baseline for what’s normal – which can be very helpful in identifying any cybercriminal activity, no matter how well-disguised. That’s why we chose Versive as our Best Emerging Vendor in the Security Category…

Here’s Where You May Be Wrong About Enterprise Cybersecurity

If you’re one of the many, many companies recently targeted by WannaCry, you’ve just been handed a harsh reality check in the importance of enterprise cybersecurity. Maybe you had ignored previous warnings or felt cybersecurity technology was…

Here are 50 Companies Leading the AI Revolution

We know that artificial intelligence will soon reshape our world. But which companies will lead the way? To help ¬answer that question, research firm CB Insights recently selected the “AI 100,” a list of the 100 most promising artificial intelligence startups ¬globally. The private companies were chosen (from a pool of over 1,650 candidates) by […]