The Versive Platform

We are making the automated, AI-driven enterprise a reality. The world’s most successful businesses are driven by automation and machine-scale understanding. The Versive AI Platform was developed to provide large enterprises with solutions that empower their teams to achieve world-class results.

Twenty years ago, machine-scale thinking surpassed human-scale thinking for the first time. Today, we undeniably live in a world of machine-scale challenges, where intersecting technologies and the behavior of humans and software are too complex for human cognition to navigate alone.

Cybersecurity inside your network is the most urgent machine-scale challenge facing enterprises today.

Operating at machine scale requires a technology rethink, moving from siloed, sensor-based cybersecurity tools to enterprise-grade “sense making” solutions.

How the Automated Machine Learning Platform Works

Automated Machine Learning Platform Flow Diagram

Preparing Data Made Easy

Data preparation often halts important initiatives before they can ever be imagined. The Versive platform automates a significant amount of the data cleansing and joining process, focussing on generating meaningful results. We remove the need for deep-cleaning data, instead accelerating the process of experimentation and discovery of what data can answer key questions.

Adding Context to Add Value

Data is not inherently valuable. Putting the question in the right context is the most important step in discovering the answer. Infusing world-class human insight and expertise accelerates problem solving by suggesting the key behaviors and patterns that should be explored in the data. The result is products that embed expert knowledge and then learn new patterns.

Automatically Iterating on Models

Finding answers requires the ability to adapt and learn on new data. We are automating the experimentation process, enabling our products to understand each customer’s data without the manual data science typically required to tune and discover the best answer.

Delivering Results

Versive uses an open-source infrastructure foundation. Results are delivered with explanations that lead to action, either via our UI or through our API into your users’ preferred applications. Models are automatically updated to ensure they stay up to date and adapt to your changing environment and users.

Benefits of the Versive AI Platform

Easy to Use

We have automated the hard parts of deploying AI products. Users can now understand the results and take action.

Transparent Data and Models

How can you trust a machine learning system if you cannot test its results? The Versive machine learning platform outputs transparent, interpretable models, with a completely white-box methodology.

Automatically Customized to your Data

No pre-canned models. Instead, the platform trains all models on your data to solve the use cases that are most important to you, with results driven by your data.

One Platform, Many Use Cases

We standardize and centralize data as it is ingested, making it easy to reuse the same data sets for numerous high-value problems without having to ingest or store multiple copies.

Human-Friendly Results

Advanced results are useless if people cannot use the outputs. We generate results that help users understand and take action.

Enterprise Ready

The Versive Platform has been deployed at scale in mission-critical applications at some of the largest companies in the world. We build solutions that learn from billions of inputs and make predictions in milliseconds, all while providing the stability required in the most demanding environments.

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