Why Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity?

Security teams are being asked to defend their network against increasingly sophisticated adversaries, while every additional tool they acquire adds more noise and increases the workload.

Three key challenges are creating a world where AI-driven cybersecurity is no longer optional, but mandatory to stay ahead of the curve:




As the volume and value of corporate data increases, bad actors create stealthier, more ingenious ways of accessing and stealing it. This results in an arms race between cybersecurity technologists and hackers—and right now, the hackers are winning.




There are hundreds of thousands of open cybersecurity jobs, and not enough professionals to fill them. The need for technology to amplify  the abilities of security professionals demands automation that empowers teams.




Businesses collect an incredible volume of diverse data from a range of sources in an attempt to understand and control their environments. Hackers know they can leverage the size and complexity of their targets to mask malicious activity.

There are many promises in the market from AI products, making it difficult to understand (and believe) the benefits you can realistically expect to gain. For cybersecurity, there are a few requirements to focus on to find value:

Go Beyond Alerts on Individual Events: Rather than just detecting and alerting on individual aberrations, comprehensive AI can learn to understand the connections between anomalous events, even in highly variable and heterogeneous data environments.

Automating Expertise: AI shouldn’t start from scratch. The right framework can amplify human experience and leverage existing knowledge to automate cybersecurity threat detection and generate results that make sense.

Making Your Team Faster and Better at… Everything:  AI can amplify the capabilities of human SOC operators and reduce wasted time following up on dead-end alerts.

There are a few key attributes of AI systems that are ideal for solving today’s toughest security challenges:

Speed: Machines compute faster than people. When it comes to making judgments and devising creative solutions, humans still reign, but for processing massive amounts of data and connecting suspicious activity, AI is unmatched.

Understanding: Revealing an adversary requires knowing how to look. Infusing AI systems with human expertise makes the results actionable by analysts without requiring years of experience.

Adaptability: AI systems are designed to adapt to new circumstances. This makes AI a great fit for the rapidly shape-shifting and increasingly complex world of cybersecurity, where templated approaches go stale before they even get to market.

At Versive, we’re working to help companies thrive in the increasingly dangerous cyber threat landscape by automating threat discovery with AI, so that humans can focus on the creative planning and execution they’re best at.

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