Why The Versive Security Engine?

An AI-Driven Solution to Keep Your Enterprise Safe

Versive uses adaptive machine learning (ML) to detect adversaries inside your environment.

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Focus on the Actual Risks

Combine the limited views offered by sensor-based security point solutions with a sense-making solution so you see the whole picture, exposing large, stealthy risks no individual tool could detect alone.

"The key to an effective modern security strategy is to achieve comprehensive enterprise visibility by centralizing your sensor, telemetry and context data, and using sophisticated machine learning to make sense of it all. Together ApacheĀ® Spot, and the Versive Security Engine are shining a spotlight on attackers that would be invisible to other approaches."
Sam Heywood, Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, Cloudera

Automatic. Flexible. Scalable.

By automating the discovery of complex adversary behaviors with adaptive models based on your unique data and environment, the Versive Security Engine surfaces only the most critical security risks. The engine evolves and gets smarter with time and data, so you are always one step ahead of the adversaries.

Fast Results

You need to be able to act fast when something is wrong. Versive delivers high-value, noise-free results in an incredibly easy to understand format. Spend less time staring at inscrutable outputs and noisy alerts, and more time finding bad guys in your environment.

Transparent Everything

Our data sources are transparent. Our models are transparent. Our entire platform is a white box so you can see exactly how the results are achieved - and why you should trust them.

Human Expertise Baked In

Versive detects the malicious behaviors that bad actors cannot avoid, with an approach developed by our cybersecurity experts, who have over a century of combined experience.