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Versive Named a Leader in EMA’s Radar Report

August 1, 2018

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EMA Value Leader Award

Versive Security Engine Earns High Marks for its Architecture, User Experience and More

Versive, Inc., an award-winning AI-based cybersecurity company, today announced that it has been named a value leader in Enterprise Management Associates’ (EMA) Radar Report for Network-Based Security Analytics: Q3 2018. The company received a score of 320 compared to an average of 282 for other companies in the report and was given solid to outstanding marks on 18 of EMA’s 22 criteria.

This is yet another validation of Versive's unique less-is-more approach to cybersecurity, as Versive has already been recognized on CB Insights’ prestigious AI 100 list and as a 2017 SINET 16 Innovator.

A primary challenge for organizations today is being able to wade through the incessant and overwhelming noise of cybersecurity alerts. Versive offers a refreshing alternative: automated maps of unfolding adversary campaigns, so action can be taken immediately.

According to EMA, the benefits of the Versive Security Engine (VSE) include:

VSE scored higher on features, architecture and integration than 6 competitors, and better on time, effort and cost efficiency than 6 competitors. Other evaluated vendors included:

David Monahan, senior analyst, Enterprise Management Associates, said:

“Over the past several years, numerous cybersecurity companies have been established to address the gap in analytics and visibility of real issues in the sea of alerts, but not all live up to their hype. Versive is a refreshing outlier who has created an easy-to-use, productized solution that supplies network-based security analytics to security practitioners. The express purpose of the Versive Security Engine is to provide users with fewer actionable alerts without the side effects that can filter out alerts on actual threat activity.”

Report Excerpt:


The Versive Security Engine (VSE) uses a combination of data science, machine learning, and automation to speed the detection of unknown threats within an enterprise network. The Versive Security Engine learns the normal patterns on customers’ networks based on multiple data sources. It then looks for activities and patterns that are statistically likely to be part of an attacker’s campaign, and conversely unlikely to represent part of normal operations. Those results are combined into a ThreatCase®, which displays a map of related activity that could indicate an attack in progress. It connects the dots between attacker behavior that took place over time, highlighting hosts in a map that scores and displays the threat levels of suspicious behaviors for human analysts to investigate. VSE generates about five ThreatCases needing investigation per week.

In this evaluation, VSE demonstrated outstanding architecture and user experience, thanks to its integration with a variety of data sources and thorough network data collection. It offers strong deployment, administration, and support due to its flexibility, unneeded external training to operate, and minimal amount of expertise needed. It also offers a strong cost advantage thanks to the company’s aggressive pricing and excellent alignment with customer requirements. The company’s dedication to making its data science platform consumable to a range of enterprises is apparent in its generous R&D funding. Some of that funding goes into Versive’s recent cloud-native product expansion on AWS.

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