Machine Learning for Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity

For individual consumers, insecure IoT can lead to identity theft and loss of privacy. For corporations, the scale and impact is much more significant. The attack surface is growing rapidly, with analysts predicting upwards of 50 billion IoT devices by 2020, which will be involved in more than 25% of cyberattacks (Gartner).

IoT Increases Attack Surface

Nobody can hide from the risk this represents, and current cybersecurity tools are not prepared to address this challenge. As industries rely more heavily on IoT for data collection and operations, the security challenges grow. Behavioral, predictive, machine-learning driven security will soon be the only way to handle the security threat posed by IoT deployments.

Let’s count the ways IoT devices have already been used to attack or compromise corporate networks:

Accelerate your ability to detect and expel advanced adversaries


DDoS attacks using botnets harnessing thousands of compromised IoT devices took dozens of high-profile websites offline in October, 2016.

Amplify the effectiveness of your existing security staff and tools


Insecure IoT devices exposing network configurations and providing a beachhead for sophisticated hackers to exploit for reconnaissance against a target network.

Adapt to your environment to increase value and efficacy over time


Sensitive data being collected and stored by insecure network-connected sensors such as medical devices, making the data vulnerable to theft or tampering.

How the Versive Security Engine Can Help

A machine-learning driven engine that inimately understands your whole environment is required to secure against IoT-based threats. Here are a number of benefits you get with machine-learning driven cybersecurity:

  • Establish a baseline for what normal behavior looks like in your  environment, so that any device, including IoT devices, is monitored for  signs of suspicious behavior.
  • Automatically account for new devices, or entirely new IoT categories in  use on your system, without any endpoint instrumentation.
  • Catch IoT-based threats that go unseen by perimeter security, firewalls, and IDS/IPS systems.

Organizations must think ahead and prepare their environments now to avoid the inevitable wave of IoT-based threats.

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