Partnering With Versive

No software solution is an island, and the Versive Security Engine drives a full ecosystem of value around it for our customers and partners. We work with multiple types of partners to enable the world’s largest enterprises to apply machine learning to cybersecurity, and hunt for advanced adversaries that they’ve never before been able to find.

Partnership Categories:

Technology + Data Partners

Your data + our machine learning = invaluable insights. Our ability to find adversaries is a direct function of the data we can ingest. We add significant value to the data your systems are already delivering to customers.

Data Lake + Infrastructure Partners

We drive demand for large storage and data lake projects at F500 customers scaling from hundreds of terabytes, to petabytes.

Implementation + Integration Partners

We drive large customization and integration projects both before and after our install, especially as F500 customers look to build custom use cases with our machine learning platform.

Managed Security Service Providers

We allow you to rapidly identify advanced adversaries in your customer networks, while simultaneously increasing your SOC analyst productivity.

Forensic Cyber Investigators

We allow you to piece together investigations in days that previously took months.

Cyber Insurers

We enable you to effectively price the risk of cyber attacks at your most critical clients, while
simultaneously providing a step-function increase in your client’s security.

Partners Including:


Data Partner Deep Dive

Working with partners to incorporate new data sources allows our customers to continuously increase the breadth of use cases and richness of insights they get from our adaptive machine learning platform.

The value of the Versive platform grows and diversifies as more data sources from our partners are added.
The value of your data grows as it is commingled with data from other parts of the organization and analyzed with Machine Learning.

Types of Data We Can Add Value to:

  • Firewalls
  • Proxy
  • DNS
  • End Point, and Next-Generation End Point
  • Application Logs
  • Database Logs
  • Router Logs
  • Access Logs
  • Active Directory
  • Third-party feeds

We’re constantly building new partnerships to help deliver greater value to our customers and yours.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact Us to learn how.