Partnership: Versive and Apache Spark

The combined solution of the Versive Security Engine and Apache Spark provides both the big data crunching power and the machine learning smarts to catch the most advanced adversaries running campaigns against you.

Apache Spark Logo

The Value of Apache Spark

Apache Spark provides lightning-fast cluster computing that can process the vast quantities of data required for adaptive machine learning. Apache Sparks ideal for business-critical big data projects for the following reasons:

  • Apache Spark is flexible and scalable enough to accommodate the unique aspects of your data and environment.
  • A huge community of developers participates in updating and improving Apache Spark continuously.
  • Spark is simpler and less expensive than building a solution in house or using a proprietary alternative.

The Value of Versive

The Versive Security Engine uses advanced machine learning on a variety of high-value data sets you’re already collecting to enhance your cybersecurity capabilities and maximize the effectiveness of your existing security efforts.

By rapidly developing and testing new ML models to learn what’s normal in your environment, detect suspicious behavior, and connect the dots to understand real threats, the Security Engine provides a deep understanding of your environment and the advanced adversaries trying to attack it.

How Apache Spark and Versive Work Together

The Versive Secusity Engine depends on a distributed compute layer with access to data in a centralized security data lake in HDFS (or S3). Apache Spark is the perfect partner to provide data access and processing for our machine learning platform. Apache Spark provides the critical compute layer that lets the Security Engine do its job quickly and efficiently.

With this combined solution you’ll get many cybersecurity benefits, including the following:

Finance, Cyber Secruity, Fraud Detection

Versive Security Engine Architecture, built on Apache Spark distributed compute layer

To learn more about the powerful combined solution of Versive and Apache Spark, download our Partner Brief, or Get a Demo.