AI-Powered Regulatory Compliance Facilitation

Businesses handling sensitive data, especially in finance and healthcare, are subject to strict regulations about how that data is used, stored, and transferred electronically.

From Payment Card Industry (PCI) to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the regulatory environment is unforgiving. Often, these businesses are subject to rigorous audits, which are both costly and time-consuming, to prove that they are complying with the applicable laws. The repercussions for failure to prove regulatory compliance are dire.

An analytics platform that is able to use machine learning on data of all types from across your business reduces the effort of achieving regulatory compliance, and proving it to auditors.

Threat Campaign Lifecycle: Planning, Access, Recon, Collection and Exfiltration
Threat Campaign Lifecycle: Planning, Access, Recon, Collection and Exfiltration.
Versive Security Engine Threat Viewer
Versive™ ThreatCase™ Viewer Presenting A Regulatory Compliance Threat Case

How Versive Helps with Regulatory Compliance

By modeling data-access behaviors and movement in your system across time and across data sources, including automatically ingested and manually added datasets, you can obtain a complete view of all your systems that would be subject to audit.

Here is how Versive makes Regulatory Compliance easier:

Maintain regularly updated models of what “normal” behavior looks like in your environment, across all data sources and types.

Find out immediately about abnormal data-access behaviors on regulated data in your environment.

Review data-access patterns across the lookback windows required by regulations, and adjust your lookback window as needed.

Investigate potential adversarial activity before it damages your reputation, and before it leads to regulatory violations, fines, or legal repercussions.

Machine learning-driven analysis is the best way to make sure your careful efforts to maintain compliance are paying off, and that you are able to prove it, when the auditors come knocking.


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