AI-Powered Data-Exfiltration Early Warning

If you can stop an attacker before they move data out of your environment, or catch them in the act and cut them off, you have got a much better chance of protecting your reputation, valuable intellectual property, and bottom line.

Versive AI can understand normal and abnormal data flow patterns on your network, enabling you to discover clear indicators of data exfiltration preparation.

By tracking an adversary's behaviors along the entire Threat Campaign Lifecycle, you increase your chances of catching them before they reach the data exfiltration step of the mission.

Threat Campaign Lifecycle: Planning, Access, Recon, Collection and Exfiltration
Threat Campaign Lifecycle: Planning, Access, Recon, Collection and Exfiltration.
Versive Security Engine Threat Viewer

How Versive Predicts Data Exfiltration in Time to Stop it

The Versive Security Engine (VSE) uses adaptive machine learning on your internal data to track behaviors that indicate a malicious actor is searching for, collecting, and staging data for exfiltration. By connecting these behaviors across time, the Engine can build a visual Threat Case to show you which hosts or collections of hosts are showing signs of data reconnaissance and collection, and alert you before exfiltration occurs.

Here is what the Versive Security Engine does:

1. Learns what constitutes normal data movement between hosts, clients, servers, and anything else connected to your network. The VSE then uses adaptive machine learning to model normal behavior in your environment.

2. Discovers behaviors that stray from normal ranges in ways that are indicative of data reconnaissance, data collection, or data exfiltration from the network.

3. Connects these unusual behaviors indicating threat activities over time, and corroborates them across data sources. This results in a high level of statistical confidence that someone is acting with malicious intent.

4. Builds an easy to read, data-rich, and high-confidence Threatcase™, indicating that an adversary is preparing to exfiltrate valuable data.

With your Threatcase in hand, you can rapidly investigate the situation and prevent data exfiltration, or immediately shut down exfiltration in progress. This data exfiltration early warning saves your company the embarrassment and financial loss of a major data breach.


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