AI-Powered Cybersecurity Incident Response

Rapid incident response to a hack can make the difference between having a few rough nights in your SOC, and losing millions of dollars in market cap thanks to a public data breach.

Having a detailed, accessible record of the timeline of events leading up to a cybersecurity incident is a critical part of any response plan. That way you won’t be forced, when emotions are at their peak, to manually trawl through access logs or fight with other organizations across the business to get the data you need.

A data lake with machine-learning driven analytics applied across your critical data sources puts you in a commanding position to proactively respond to potential incidents before they become a public nightmare.

How Versive Enables More Effective Incident Response

The Versive Security Engine uses adaptive machine learning on your own data, automatically customizing itself to your unique environment and ensuring complete accuracy in detecting suspicious behavior. It then associates related suspicious behaviors to track the progress of potential threats. This is invaluable information when you’re working as quickly as possible to investigate the details of a threat.

Here’s how the Versive Security Engine makes incident investigation and response much easier:

1. Centralized Data: With VSE, your data is already in a centralized location, so you don’t have to spend time battling with IT, SecOps, and Finance to try and access data that may have been involved in the incident.

2. Automatic Correlation of Suspicious Behaviors: If the incident involves suspicious activities that indicate an adversary in your network, the VSE has already built a well-documented Threat Case about it. You don’t have to manually pull together the evidence you need.

3. Threat Scoring: Every potential threat is given a score indicating how likely it is to be malicious, so you can rapidly narrow down potential avenues for investigation and response.

4. Executive-friendly Output: When you’re communicating up the chain of command about an incident, you want your report to be as easy to understand as possible. The VSE yields easy-to-read Threat Cases mapping all related suspicious behaviors that you don’t have to be an expert to understand.

Planning, cross-team coordination, and operationalization of a well-crafted incident response plan should all be priority for every enterprise. Having the data you need in a central place with adaptive machine-learning applied for security insights allows you to speed remediation and reduce negative impact of a potential security incident.

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