White Papers

Take a look under the hood at the Versive Platform and the Versive Security Engine.

A CISO’s Approach to Building a Successful Data Lake for Cybersecurity and Beyond…

The enterprise data lake is about to have its moment in the sun. To date, the concept of a data lake was derided as too expensive, too difficult to implement, and not valuable enough to justify the effort. That may have been true at one point, but the maturing of open-source technologies, improvement in commodity […]

Next Generation Adversary Detection: Artificial Intelligence Meets Mission-Focused Threat Hunting

This whitepaper by network security expert and white-hat hacker Peiter “Mudge” Zatko outlines his mission-focused approach to adversary detection and discusses how to use AI and open-source technology to both automate and amplify it. The result is a threat-hunting system that enables every team to achieve expert results, at scale. In the whitepaper, you’ll learn: […]

Tunnel Vision Is Hurting Your Security: Time to See The Forest For The Trees

Learn why sensor-based security tools like UEBA, IDS, IPS, and endpoint protection aren’t giving you the whole story, and how to tie data sources together and use machine learning to get total security coverage. Pinhole views of your environment just won’t do anymore; the sense-making technology is finally available to uplevel your security posture. Read […]