Transition from thousands of alerts and false positives, to an average of 5 ThreatCases per week

Identify the bad actors who’ve breached or accessed the network

Automatically understand and link the core activities adversaries can’t avoid

Find the few threats that require immediate investigation

Focus on core campaign behaviors that all must engage in


Artificial Intelligence Meets
Mission-Focused Adversary Detection


The Versive
Security Engine


The Emerging Phase Change
in Cybersecurity

VSE delivers automated ThreatCases to help security teams detect, defeat, and predict threats

Client Quotes

"VSE gave us the ability to detect threats that the rest of our security apparatus was unable to detect, to see and understand threats that would have otherwise been missed."

"VSE provides me unprecedented visibility into my network, providing me a ground truth of what's actually happening with the context to understand how it may constitute a threat."

"With an enormous and extremely dynamic network, security tools generally fail to provide us any sense of what's happening and what threats might be lurking beneath the surface. VSE gave us the visibility that we needed."

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